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Marketing the latest development project with outdoor signage and hoarding is like advertising the release of a new blockbuster movie. The teaser or “coming soon” movie poster is designed to pique your interest, imprint on your memory, and build anticipation for an upcoming feature film.

Similarly, outdoor signs and exterior construction hoarding is intended to do the same, except the end goal is not to usher you into the movie theatre, but instead the sales centre or showroom.

Backlit outdoor transit sign

The point of a sign, in essence, is to grab your attention. All businesses, from small mom & pop shops to large multinational corporations recognize this and are aware that signage can increase sale. As a result, we encounter lots of signage every day, everywhere. And where there’s lots of signage, it’s of paramount importance that yours stands out—or risk getting lost in the mix. So what can you do to ensure yours has an engaging presence?

holiday printing ideas

It’s that time of year when many companies are planning fun, seasonal print campaigns for the upcoming holidays. Our team at PrismTech is happily assisting some of our clients with certain concepts, ensuring all the logistics are properly worked out and the translation from idea to print goes smoothly. We’ve worked on several holiday campaigns over the years. It’s always fun to do something neat or different, but sometimes it can be taxing to generate new ideas year after year. You’re not alone if you’re wondering what your company should do this year.

wall graphics

Have you ever stepped into an office or workspace that was visually stimulating, unique, or—in some way—just plain cool? Even if you haven't, you may have seen some pictures of stunning work environments in offices of high-profile companies like Google, Facebook, or Zappos. Wouldn't it be nice to work in that type of environment?

High profile or not, the office you work in can be uniquely awesome as well—all that's needed are some vinyl wall graphics,window graphics, or floor graphics.

Transform a construction site mess into an effective brand message.

As in many other cities, construction in Vancouver is non-stop, and many development companies are wisely choosing to advertise directly on the front lines. There are different types of hoarding used at various sites, but mesh banner hoarding in particular has gained considerable traction. Why? Read on as we explain 3 primary reasons developers are recognizing the value.

When a new commerical or retail site is under construction, there is a great opportunity for businesses to build excitement for its grand opening, as long as the correct approach is taken. Swimco, a successful clothing retailer specializing in swimwear, demonstrates a solid understanding of this. Relying on PrismTech’s large format printing capabilities, Swimco recently finished the graphic hoarding display for a store that the company is relocating in Metrotown mall, set to open in Fall 2015.

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