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Freestanding sign

The Pacific North West is beautiful, but it sure has some interesting weather. At PrismTech Graphics, we print durable, long lasting outdoor signage that can survive the temperamental North West weather. Rain, Sunshine, Snow, Wind—don’t worry, we have you covered. Contact a PrismTech Print Specialist today with your printing requirements and we will find the perfect fit for your needs.

Poster Printing
When we are talking outdoors, a regular paper poster just won’t survive. PrismTech prints outdoor posters on a variety of alternative materials such as plastics, synthetic papers and other specialty substrates to make sure that your posters last as long as you need them to.
Vinyl Banners Printing
One of our most often produced products are our vinyl banners, with thousands made every year. Chances are, you have seen some of our work hanging all over the place, from street and hanging banners to large building banners.
Mesh Banner Printing
Most commonly used over the fencing around construction sites, mesh banners offer quality, long lasting, durable signage that brings attention to your latest project. Mesh banners aren’t only for construction though. We have even had them used for special events from marketing and advertising agencies. We will be happy to serve on all your mesh banner printing needs.
Sandwich Board Printing
The ideal product to draw street traffic into your establishment, sandwich boards offer a terrific opportunity to get your special offers or any message you want to draw your clients in, out to the public. PrismTech offers a variety of sandwich board printing options to properly suit your needs.
Lawn Signs
Turn any space into an advertising opportunity with the use of lawn signs. Residential areas, busy intersections, high traffic spots—the opportunity is endless.
Construction Hoarding
A temporary barrier mainly used on construction sites, construction hoarding turns your site into a visually appealing advertising opportunity. PrismTech has transformed entire city blocks into eye-catching visual displays through the use of hoarding.

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