Specialty Inks

PrismTech prides itself on stepping out of the normal printing process and diving right into the unknown. Much of our specialty printing has now become second nature, but we are always finding new inks and processes to help our clients get exactly what they need. You want to stand out, and we are here to make that happen. Below are some of our favorite specialty applications.

A fantastic process well suited for industries that primarily work in the evenings (restaurants, bars and clubs) or if you have a special event, glow-in-the-dark inks make your message stand out in the night.
The scratch-off process is typically used in postcards, handouts, gift cards and other promotional material where a hidden message is to be revealed. Using a coin (or fingernail!), the message is exposed by simply scratching the ink off the paper.
Create a dynamic impact with inks that change colour under various environmental conditions. Thermochromic inks change colour at different temperatures, hydrochromic inks change colour when exposed to water, and photochromic inks change when exposed to different types of light.
Scratch and Sniff
Printed material doesn’t get much more interactive than this. Scratch the surface to activate and release the scent of your choosing and get everyone talking! PrismTech already has a number of common scents that we typically work with, however, if you want a special scent for your project, just let us know. Together with the chemists we have partnered with, a unique scent can be created just for you.
Raised ink
Raised ink is just how it sounds. The ink is raised on the surface allowing you to use your sense of touch to experience the message. Originally PrismTech was contracted to used this process in Braille applications for the blind, but over time PrismTech has refined and adapted this type of process with numerous other applications, including magazine covers, annual reports, and promotional post cards.

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