At PrismTech Graphics, we believe everyone has a responsibility to safeguard our environment and produce goods in the most sustainable and efficient method possible. Here are some of the ways we strive to meet that goal.


We recycle the following types of materials in our operation:

  • Paper
    office documents, paper and cardstock from production
  • Cardboard
    boxes, packaging, tubes
  • Plastic #1 PETE
    pallet strapping
  • Plastic #2 HDPE
    ink bottles and cartridges
  • Plastic #4 LDPE
    media packaging
  • Plastic #5 PP
    Coroplast, MXM, textured polypropylene
  • Plastic #6 PS


  • Our colour management program reduces the amount we need to print to get excellent colour on your job.
  • Our digital printers and computers are set to go into a low-power sleep mode after a short period of inactivity.
  • Our computers are primarily purchased from Apple (see Apple's environmental policies). Older computers are donated to charity.
  • Our imagesetter is thermal, we use no photographic chemicals. Any waste film is recycled and the silver reclaimed.
  • Our screen washing system recirculates its cleaning agent. The cleaning agent is biodegradable and low-VOC.
  • We suggest sizes that optimize media use and reduce waste.
  • We print direct to substrate, saving mounting and laminating materials.
  • We use UV curing inks, which do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • We invest in green technology, such as HP Latex ink printers.