If you ride transit, you already know that buses, trains and stops are littered with advertisements. Most of these ads go unnoticed during our crazy routines, but every once in awhile our thoughts are interrupted by a truly spectacular ad. We’ve thrown together 12 of our favorite transit ads in hopes that they might inspire your next project. Enjoy!

Johnny Andrean – Ponytail Train Handle

Indonesia-based local beauty salon franchise, Johnny Andrean launched this “Ponytail Train Handle” campaign to promote it’s new hair-strengthening product.

Advertising Agency: Fortune Indonesia

Absolut Vodka – Absolut Bus Shelters

To promote its ongoing “DRINKS” campaign, ABSOLUT VODKA transformed a series of Chicago bus shelters into drink related themes; “Lemon Drop,” Twist” and “Bloody.”

The shelters use custom seating and colour and even live plants!

“Lemon Drop”



Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day NY, USA

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water has a knack for creative advertisements, like their “You’re Up” bus stations that allow transit riders to plug in and charge their mobile devices while waiting for the bus.

via Huffington Post

Ski Lift Bench

In celebration of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics, Vitamin Water transformed this bus-stop into a ski lift. To tie everything together, the ad’s text reads, “Try Vitamin Water. It makes the daily routine feel like an olympic event.”

Caribou Coffee

Minneapolis-based creative agency, Colle+McVoy promoted Caribou Coffee's new hot breakfast sandwiches by adapting these traditional bus-stations into ovens – with real heat emitting from the coils on the stop’s ceiling.

Agency: Colle+McVoy

Science World

If you live in Vancouver, you probably already know that Science World has some of the best advertising in town, and this sneezing bus shelter ad is an example of why. Transit passengers simply push the big yellow button, and get sneezed on by that ad with a mist of water vapor. A recorded voice starts explaining little-known facts about sneezes; like how far they can travel, along with a pitch to the Science World exhibit.


Umea Energy - Light Therapy

Umea, a town located in Northern Sweden, has come up with this brilliant solution to tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a disorder afflicting many of its citizens. Transit passengers can sit and and soak up the sunshine while waiting for their ride.


Victoria Bug Zoo

Cheap, fun and made with hundreds of small magnifying glasses, Rethink Vancouver promoted the Victoria Bug Zoo by allowing bus riders to see the world through the eyes of a bug.

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada

3M Security Glass

What better way to advertise the toughness of your security glass than by filling it up with money and daring people to break it? That’s what 3M did... well, kind of. There was actually only about $500 resting on top of fake bills, and a guard nearby ensuring nobody used anything but their feet to try and break the glass. Fantastic idea nonetheless!

Advertising Agency: unknown

Amnesty International – “It happens when nobody is watching”

To bring awareness to how domestic violence often occurs in secrecy, Amnesty International and Jung von Matt teamed up to create this interactive bus stop. The ad contains a hidden camera that tracks when someone is looking at the ad. When facing the ad, the couple looks happy enough, but when turned away, things take a turn for the worse. Check out this video so see it in action.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

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