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Two things caught my attention as I watched news footage of people trampling over each other in a desperate attempt to save money during last week’s Black Friday sales:

  • People sure do love saving money on TVs.
  • Despite the growing popularity of online marketing/advertising, vinyl banners are alive and well in the retail space.

And why shouldn’t they be? They’re cost-effective, attention grabbing and durable. That said, when done poorly, vinyl banners can look tacky and cheap. So, when should you use a vinyl banner?

Trade Shows

If you’ve ever hosted a booth at a trade show, you know that leaflets and a bowl of Werther's just won’t cut it. Often, you’re competing against bigger booths, louder salespeople and a constant flow of traffic. You need something big, bright and attention grabbing if you want to get people to your stall.

This is where vinyl banners come in. They communicate your value (product or services) to the entire room, without anyone needing to be within earshot. Having a vinyl banner says you’re in the game.


Whether you’re hosting an open-house, raising money for charity or trying to get the word out about your business, vinyl banners are the perfect way to promote your event.

Emails, leaflets and stickers are great, but they get deleted, dropped or disposed without much thought. A banner remains in the forefront of people minds and acts as a constant reminder of your event.

Be sure to place your banner somewhere that everyone can see. Also, consider the speed of foot/vehicle traffic where you place your banner. A good rule of thumb is the faster the traffic, the larger and simpler the message.

Gorilla Marketing

Gorilla marketing, or street-stunts, are another great way to create awareness about your brand/cause. Also, depending on your stunt, you may need to make a quick getaway, and nothing is easier to setup/takedown than a vinyl banner.

Marketing stunt getting rained out? You’re vinyl banner is waterproof and is durable enough to take on almost anything mother nature can throw at it.

No matter where you are or what the cause, a vinyl banner is a quick and easy way to claim a space. It holds up in difficult circumstances and attracts attention when people might otherwise not take notice.

Have you got an occasion where you need to stand out with your signage?

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