Packaging jobs are some of the most interesting types of work that come through the print shop. They allow for a blend of beauty and function like few other of mediums.

The best packaging design accomplishes multiple things:

  • It differentiates the brand from its competitors.
  • It protects the product from the point of shipping to the point of purchase.
  • It communicate the product’s value, and key information buyers need to know to make a purchasing decision. 
  • It is durable, allowing for efficient storage and effective retail display.
  • It is cost-effective enough to be produced on a mass scale.

The following 4 brilliant package designs caught our attention and imagination. Hopefully they’ll inspire you and help you think "out of the box" for your next packaging project.

Butter! Better!

Single-serve butter is usually served in small round plastic containers, sealed with a thin plastic cap, requiring quick-serve restaurants to provide plastic knives along with the butter.

Butter! Better! took a new approach to packaging this picnic favorite with its wooden, butter-knife lid. If you’ve ever tried to smear butter on toast with a thin plastic seal, you’ll appreciate this as much as we do.

Friss Biotojas

Check out this unique egg packaging concept by Otilia Erdelyi. "My goal was to design an innovative package using a small amount of material. It’s made of natural microwaved cardboard and consists of one piece. The eggs placed into ellipse-shaped cuts. The consumer can get the eggs by the turning of topside."

We love it. What do you think? Would you sacrifice extra egg security for easy-access packaging?

Esqudos de Lima

You’ve heard of take-out food, but what about take-out Ts? That’s the concept behind Esqudos
de Lima’s "deliciously" worn clothing, packed in these aluminum take-out containers.

Butterfly Tea Bag

Distinguishing your product with brilliant packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. Take this nifty tea bag design by South Korean designer, Yena Lee, for example.

These elegant butterfly tea-bag are both beautiful and functional. They sit on the edge of the cup, bringing a new visual element to the tea-drinking experience while making it easy to retrieve the bag once your tea has steeped. What do you think about it?

Great Packaging Becomes Part of Product

Packaging serves many functions, but perhaps the most overlooked aspect of packaging is its ability to evoke emotional responses from the people who see, buy and use the products inside them.

As you’ve seen above, great packaging doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. It can be functional, beautiful, or even cheeky. The best packaging becomes an extension of the product inside.

Take the extra time to think of ways you can leverage your packaging to add more value to the overall experience. Creative and innovative approaches to everyday products are highly appreciated by consumers who are bored with endless shelves filled with same old traditional, look-alike packaging. Besides, who wants their brand to be normal and boring?

Have a brilliant package idea of your own you’d like to see come to life?

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