Outdoor banners should be big, bold and attention grabbing. They place your message at the forefront of people’s minds. A banner’s success depends on many factors. In this blog we’ll cover some of design considerations that affect a banner’s performance.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Outdoor Banner

Size plays a huge role in your banner’s performance. Overall, bigger means better. That said, the last thing you want is to be standing in front of your new banner only to realize you’ve made it the wrong size. Here are some things to consider when choosing the size of your outdoor banner:

  • Size of mounting location: Make sure your banner fits the surface you’re installing it on. Measure, then measure again.
  • Distance from readers: How big does your banner need to be for viewers to read it? Before getting on illustrator or hiring a graphic designer, think of where your viewers will be positioned in relation to the banner.
  • Waste: Choosing a standard PrismTech size allows us to maximize our material usage, creating less waste. Check out templates for our standard sizes.
  • Competing signage: Is there other signage around your banner? How big does your banner need to be in order to stand out?
  • Type of traffic: Are you targeting vehicle or foot traffic? The faster the traffic, the bigger the banner.

We usually recommend that you size your mesh banner to the fence panel you are going to use. No matter where you put your two-panel banner, someone will invariably need to drive a truck through that exact location.

Maximize Your Visibility

We’ve established that big banners attract attention, but an effective banner is more than just a large graphic. Here are some other things to think about when designing a banner for maximum visibility:

  • Location: Is your banner somewhere that will grab people’s attention, or will it be completely missed? Is it placed somewhere people will encounter it naturally, or will you need to steal their attention?
  • Contrasting/bright colours: If your banner is out of your viewers’ direct line of sight, you’ll need to steal their attention with contrast and/or bright colours. Use colours that stand out from the background and competing signage for maximum visibility.
  • Font Size: Your banner won’t do much good if nobody can read the copy. Use a large font that can be seen easily from a distance. This will create more impressions and people without 20/20 vision will thank you.
    This is especially important on mesh banners, as the holes subdue the colour and break up fine detail in small copy.
  • Minimal Copy: The average person encounters more than 100,000 words per day. That’s a lot information to process, and a lot of messaging to compete with. Make things easy for your readers by using fewer words. People are more likely to read something short, sweet and to the point.

Material: Hems & Grommets

Grommets are reinforced holes around the perimeter of your banner (usually 12-18 inches apart) that allow you to fasten the banner in place without tearing the material. Be sure to account for your grommets when designing your banner so they don’t interfere with your copy or design.

Hems are reinforced stitching that add strength to the edges of your banner where stress can begin. They extend the life of your banner by preventing tearing and fraying. Again, identify the location of your grommets and hemming when designing your banner so they don’t interfere with your graphics.

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