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When it comes to influencing purchasing behaviour, few things deliver as much ROI as point of purchase (POP) signage and displays. That’s because POP creative hits customers at the exact moment they make a purchasing decision, or what marketers refer to as the “Zero Moment of Truth” (aka ZMOT).

“ZMOT” are those few seconds when you’re standing in front of the fridge at the local grocer trying to decide between two brands of ice cream and finally reach for Island Farms over Breyers. It’s the moment marketers live for. And, it’s that moment that makes POP signage the most influential kind signage there is.

So, how do you make your signage stand out when your competition is falling over each other trying to do the same thing?

That’s what this post is all about: creating point of purchase creative – be it a display, signage, or even product packaging that attracts customers’ attention towards your brand and away from the competition.

1) Location, Location, Location

It’s a cliché for a reason. Where your creative is located plays a big role in your sales. You want to place your creative where it has a chance to make an impact. One of the best examples of smart placement I’ve seen was at a 7-Eleven, where the store owner moved a stand-up gum display to the coffee bar. The idea was that by the time people are done doctoring their coffee, they’re standing right in front of the gum display thinking “this will get rid of my coffee breath”. It’s brilliantly simple, yet entirely practical. Think beyond simple shelf placement and try to put your creative in places that add value to what you’re selling.

2) Create a Focal Point

An effective POP display doesn’t have to be busy or overwhelming, it just needs to attract attention to the features that differentiate your brand from the competition. With so many competing messages around, you can’t rely on the consumer to thoroughly explore their options and identify what makes your product unique.  Attract their attention with a focal point or people will simply walk by without noticing your product even exists. What’s unique about what you’re selling? How can you draw attention and highlight those unique features?

3) Be Creative!

We’re used to seeing products displayed in a particular way, so when one suddenly breaks the rules, we notice. Earlier, we posted a blog on creative packaging that featured T-shirts packaged in brightly coloured, aluminum take-out containers. By using unexpected colour and shape, Esqudos de Lima found an attention-grabbing, cost-effective alternative to traditional T-shirt displays.  That's smart creative!

4) Balance & Consistency

Like it or not, often we buy things because of how we feel, not because we need the product/service. We’re emotional creatures with past experiences, everyday pressures and dreams. It’s only normal that we gravitate towards products and brands that meet some sort of need or make us feel a certain way. That’s where balance and consistency come in. Subconsciously, the lack of balance cause us to doubt or question a product or brand’s integrity. It makes us feel uneasy and on guard. When designing your POP creative, be creative, but also be balanced and consistent. Think of the mindset your customers are in at the moment they see the creative.

5) K.I.S.S: Keep it Simple, Silly

Truthfully, there are very few items people actually enjoy buying. Shoppers are usually in a hurry and don’t have time to try and make sense of complicated creative or decode hidden meaning. From the examples listed above, you can see that effective POP creative is simple creative. Leave the complicated stuff to Inception and stick to the basics.

One easy way to test if your creative is too complicated is with the Blink Test. Have someone sit and review the creative for 3-5 seconds – no longer! If by the end of those few seconds they can’t tell you what you’re selling or why it’s important, head back to the drawing board.

Put these 5 tips into effect and your product will stand a much better chance at attracting customers and pulling the rug out from the competition.

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