Vehicle wraps are an incredible way to get your brand in front of your customers. When done right, they do more than just provide contact information and eye candy; they communicate a brand’s story and value proposition. Below are a few vehicle wraps that have caught our attention over the years and hopefully will inspire you when designing your own vehicle graphic.

Arguably, almost anything printed on a Mini looks cool. That said, Sephora hit it out of the park with its series of car wraps.

– Creative by Access Agency

Incredible Hulk 

Here’s a fantastic wrap that has an equally crazy fantastic story to match. A drug dealer in the US wrapped this Chevy Caprice with this Hulk-graphic before it was repo’d in a drug bust in 2012, along with 500 pounds of weed and an assault rifle.

Copenhagen Zoo 

Despite it being a few years old, this Copenhagen Zoo bus wrap remains a favorite for designers and car wrap installers to this day. A bus provides a large canvas that surprisingly few designers take advantage of. This wrap however engulfs the entire bus and uses 3D design so effectively you can almost hear the steel crunch when it drives by.

– Creative by CRANKY Creative Group

National Geographic

National Geographic took their bus ad to a whole new level with this convincing shark-wrap. Designing the doors to look like the shark’s teeth, terrified bus-riders appear to be eaten by the great white.

Asparagus Cement Truck

You may have seen these asparagus-wrapped cement trucks driving around Vancouver. I’ve tried to spot the image break while sitting beside these guys in traffic a few times, but with no luck. These wraps are beautifully installed and give the truck a convincing 3D effect. Nice job!

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