Stand up displays for retail and events

Signs are everywhere.

But how, with countless around – many of which also have great copy and visuals – can you make yours stand out?

One solution: make it stand up! Transform your conventional 2-dimensional signage into engaging free-standing displays.

 Whether it’s for point of purchase displays, trade shows or event collateral, free-standing signs stand up while the competition remains seated.

Below are some creative examples of each.

Point of Purchase Displays

stand up display retail

Presence is key

With a 3 dimensional footprint, stand ups have a greater presence than conventional “flat” signage. They’re very hard to miss – exactly what you need in a busy retail space.

Bring your big ideas to life

Stand ups give graphic designers and creative teams more opportunity to showcase their pizzazz and flex their creative muscle, because new avenues of design can take shape when you’re able to move beyond a flat surface. This more easily allows for the expression of big ideas.

In his book “Ogilvy on Advertising”, marketing legend David Ogilvy said it best:

“It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

Tradeshows & Events

It’s all about interaction

2D or flat signage leaves little opportunity or (incentive) for exploration. You’re more inclined to pause and curiously “investigate” the workings of a stand up display; how it’s constructed, what it’s made of, how it feels etc.

The customizability of stand up displays allow for varying degrees of complexity.

Some displays might be more more basic (ie. printed on corrugated cardboard/plastic), or more elaborate like the multi-layered display printed on Ultraboard (pictured below in the center).

stand up display options

Others may contain some sort of dynamic screen, swivelling panel, or mechanical apparatus that encourages interaction. The more engaging, the more impactful.

stand up display interact

Shipping is a breeze

Multi-layered displays can be easily shipped in flat pieces and assembled without tools, using specially designed cleats and slots.

Steal the show at your next event with through impressive scale or inspired design, like this 3-dimensional parliament building replica, complete with lights and lamp posts:

stand up display event


Stand up custom signs and point of purchase displays are a creative and effective way to showcase your brand, increase sales and elicit that “WOW!” factor from your intended audience.

If you want to know more about point of purchase design, or need a hand with your next project, give our team at PrismTech Graphics a call. Your signage should be more than good –  it should be outstanding.

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