Stand up display Parliament Buildings

Working with the innovative creative minds of the experiential marketing agency Inventa, PrismTech Graphics brought BC’s capital parliament building in Victoria to Vancouver!

Attendees of this year’s BCAMA Marketer of the Year (MOY) gala saw a model of the elaborate Victorian building inside the Westin Bayshore. This was to celebrate Tourism Victoria winning the Marketer of the Year award with a project created by Inventa.

Stand up display light standard

Photo:Phillip Chen

Digitally printed on ½” Ultraboard, this roughly 26’ x 12’ model made a bold statement as the backdrop for this long-running annual event. Small details, like the addition of over 600 lights, complemented by free standing lamp posts really made the display come to life.

Stand up display parliament backdrop

How was it made possible? Through clever engineering, the latest technology, and a steadfast commitment to doing things right the first time. Our specialists utilized software to turn a 2D picture of the building into a self-supporting stand up display. Many variables were taken into consideration in order for the display to be quickly assembled and disassembled, yet still be sturdy and seamless.

Stand up display parliament backdrop

Printed on our UV flatbed printers, the images are then cut into their individual components, using our Kongsberg XP44 digital finishing system.

Do you want to make an impactful statement at your next event? Capitalize on PrismTech’s expertise gained through stand-up displays like this one. 

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