Project Highlight: Surrey Hospitals Foundation

surrey hospitals foundation donor wall

In a world that feels increasingly difficult to navigate, the Surrey Hospitals Foundation has keyed in on a powerful affirmation: Together, we are unstoppable. With this statement highlighted, the Foundation sought to build out a space within Surrey Memorial Hospital that would honour staff and donors who together drive unstoppable, life-changing health care. Helping them articulate their vision were designer Mike Savage at 21stops and our own experts at PrismTech Graphics. 

Design Strategy 

“Our design strategy focused on creating bold, simple spaces that command attention within a typically busy hospital environment,” explained Mike. “Emphasis was placed on the brand’s colours, catalyst graphic symbol and heroic portraits of staff and donors to connect the spaces to the Foundation.” 

Creative Solutions 

magnetic material
(Above): Donor wall with magnetic recognition boards.

On-site visits and collaborative discussions between PrismTech, Mike and Surrey Memorial Hospital allowed the team to find the best products for the job; products that maximized impact without costly renovation. The donor wall was float mounted over existing wall structures to create a smooth, clean look without damaging the existing wall, and a magnetic receptive material was used for the donor recognition boards as a cost-effective way to display artwork that could quickly and easily be changed out as needed. 

Project Outcome 

This project was a true collaboration, and the end result did not fall short of the original goal: to honour staff and donors, who are truly unstoppable. 

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Have a project to quote? Get in touch with a PrismTech print specialist. We’re here to help!