Kongsberg XP44

Often overlooked, finishing your print job is every bit as important as print quality. The right finishing choices support the success of your project. PrismTech's finishing department is fully equipped to turn your ideas into reality.

Customize the Shape of Your Finished Piece
Any shape you want! Our ESKO Kongsberg XP44 and XP24 cutting tables are the perfect compliment to our flatbed and screen printers. They have multiple quick-change cutting tools to handle a variety of different media. Liquid cooled 3kW routers can power through the toughest materials including aluminium, acrylic and plywood. The i-Cut Vision Pro camera system allows precise registration to the printed piece, no matter the orientation on the table.
Trim Decals and Banners to Exactly the Right Size
To support our latex roll to roll printers, we have a Fotoba XL320 Super Wide cutter. This machine takes rolls up to 12 feet in width and can slit and trim to your finished size. Optical tracking systems follow the image, even if the roll is not wound straight. The XL320 can trim out an entire 150 foot roll of decal or banner material in just minutes!
Keep Banners Looking New and Polished
Our Miller Weldmaster T300 Edge is our in-house solution to banner and mesh banner finishing. This thermal welding technique creates beautiful hemmed edges that are just as strong as sewing in a fraction of the time. The T300 can also do three different sizes of pockets, or weld a rope right into the hem for the ultimate high-strength solution.
Protect Graphics from Wear, Exposure or Vandalism
Our lamination department can laminate pressure-sensitive or thermal laminates up to 61" in width. Gloss, lustre or matte, UV blocking, anti-graffiti, textured: we have a solution that will work. We can also screen print clear varnish for inexpensive protection from abrasion.

Bring Your Craziest Ideas to Life

If you can conceive it, we’ll find a way to print it. If we can’t, it probably isn’t possible – but we love a challenge. In addition to the services listed above, we also offer die-cutting and die-making in-house. And, of course, we provide all the standard trimming and finishing options, including scoring, back-slitting, D-taping, assembly, and fabrication.

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