Flatbed printers are large inkjet printers that print directly onto rigid media. The media is held in place on a vacuum table, and then imaged with UV curing inks. The inks are cured almost instantly with on-board UV lamps. The resulting print is ready for finishing immediately, and is outdoor durable.

Many products that were previously produced roll-to-roll and then mounted or laminated to substrates can now be printed directly to the substrate, saving time, money and the environment. 

Our digital department is equipped with a fleet of Océ Arizona Series flatbed printers. The Arizonas are renowned for their award-winning VariaDot™ imaging technology which delivers near-photographic image quality. They are also equipped with spot white ink, allowing us to print on non-white or transparent media.

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Flatbed Applications

There are numerous applications for UV curing flatbed printers, but here's a list of a few of the most popular:

  • Outdoor signs of all types
  • Indoor and outdoor retail signage
  • Event signs
  • Graphics for displays and exhibits, short or long term
  • Architectural or wayfinding signs for buildings
  • Short runs or prototype packaging
  • Commercial or fine art

Arizona 6170XTS Specifications

Maximum Print Size
98" x 120"
Maximum print thickness
Ink Channels
CMYK plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta and White
Ink Droplet Size
6 to 42 picoliter droplets