Perhaps the most impactful medium for simply the sizing and customization possible, Applied Graphics provides you with an eye-catching, attention drawing images with great ROI. There are a variety of options available for self-adhesive graphics. At PrismTech Graphics, we tailor the product exactly to your needs and requirements. Contact a PrismTech Print Specialist today to discover the best applied graphic for your next project.

Permanent, removable, cling, block-out, subsurface, air-release, conformable… whatever your requirements, we've got something that will stick.
Wall graphics
Use all the available space to get your message out there. What better way than a customized wall mural that can be printed in any size on durable self-adhesive vinyl.
Floor graphics
Stop them at their tracks with an attention grabbing floor graphic. Scuff resistant floor graphics are available in both indoor and outdoor applications, the only limit is your imagination.
Window graphics
Turn your storefront into advertising space. We can produce everything from removable cling decals to long-term view-though perforated vinyl.

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